Senior Rep Program

So you want to be a Creative M Photography Senior Model. Who wouldn’t?! Here’s the low down about our program… our commitment, your commitment, what’s in it for you and all that stuff…

What it means to be a CMS Model

As our model, you represent our photography studio! Your photos will be used in our marketing materials to represent the work we do. You are making a commitment to represent us by distributing rep cards, promoting us to your friends & peers, and by recruiting friends & peers to book their senior session with us. We want you to get active on our FB and Insta page… invite your friends to ‘like’  or follow us, post comments, write up a review about your experience.


Must be currently enrolled in high school.
Must be a current sophomore or junior, graduating in 2019 or 2020.
Must be available for a model session in before August 2018.
Must have parental consent to represent Creative M Seniors and join in our CMS Model program.
Must sign a model release.
Must be willing & committed to taking your part in representing our studio and fully participating in all CMS Model responsibilities.

One of the biggest keys to the success of the model program is your excitement and willingness to get involved!

Your Commitment to CMS

Distribute your rep cards to friends & peers (you’ll start out with 50, let’s hope you need more!)
Represent/promote CMS in a good light by sharing your CMP experience with others.
Stay active on our FB & Insta pages: Tag yourself, Use the images from your session as your profile pic, Post a comment of your session experience, Invite friends to ‘like’ our page, ‘Share’ posts on your FB page… especially our giveaways!
Must agree to have your senior portraits done exclusively through Creative M Seniors.
Be awesome, fun & good spirited… be yourself!

Our Commitment to You

Prepare to be treated like royalty! Becoming an CMS model is a definite commitment, but there’s also a lot in it for you… a free model session, print credits, prizes, special treatment & gorgeous images!

We’ll book a day in this summer for a model session. Our rock star makeup artist will get you all dolled up… professional hair, makeup, the works… we’ll have a fun and awesome time shooting beautiful pics of you! You’ll be featured all over our press materials as your images will be used to show off our work. You’ll get designer press cards to hand out to friends & peers, plus you’ll be featured on our website, FB page, in our blog & in our other press material. Sound good so far? We thought so! You also may get the chance to participate in other fun shoots throughout the year… Super fun!

PLUS you get a chance to earn awesome stuff! For each person you recruit to book a session with us, you get $50 in print credit and they get $20 off their session. As an CMS model, you have the opportunity to earn a lot and have an awesome experience… We will do everything we can to  help you get the most out of your experience… it’s up to you to get active and play your part.

 Here’s what you get:

An ultimate- experience model session complete with professional hair & makeup – free!
50% off an additional session (if you want one)
At least 2 FB or Insta profile pics
Designer rep cards with your images to pass out (you’ll start out with 50 – let’s hope you need more!)
Potential to model in other fun shoots throughout the year.
$50 print credit for every senior you refer who books a session with CMS, plus they get $20 off their session.

If you think you would be a great match for Creative M Seniors growing list of models, we would love to hear from you.  Just fill out the application on our website with your information and we’ll be in touch with you. Please understand, that we can only accept a limited number of senior models from each school and are not able to accept everyone who applies. If we could, believe me… we would!