I want to start by offering my congratulations on being a senior!

It’s a super exciting time.

My high school years were some of my favorite. I made sure to really enjoy my time there. I know you will make so many memories and I am so excited you are considering me to capture this amazing time in your life.

Just wanted to tell you a little bit about me. I hold dual degrees. One in Advertising & Design, and one in Psychology. I have been photographing places, and people since I was 9 years old. Photography was and still is a way for me to document life, to capture moments in time and to make people cry. (What??)

LOL. Yes, I make people cry because I look right into their beautiful hearts and bring out the wonderful person that they are. When they see their photos, I kid you not, there are tears. It’s a good thing. My goal in life and in photography is to empower women and girls and to show them how amazing they are. To give them confidence and inspire them as they go forward in their journey.

Photography is my life’s calling, it’s not a hobby or something I just picked up. It’s something I cannot stop doing. It’s what gets me up every morning.

In my photography I especially love to photograph women and high school seniors. This means that my focus is YOU! I pour my heart into your experience and make sure that it’s the best out there! I want to provide you with not just some senior pictures… but an awesome experience.

You may not realize it yet, but think about it… when is the next time you will have the opportunity to be photographed like this? Believe it or not, it will most likely be your wedding day. Please don’t wait until then to have amazing portraits that document such an important time in your life.

This is YOUR time to celebrate your youth,

your free spirit and your love for life!

I look forward to photographing you!!

With much love,  ~XOXO,  Monika



Creative M Seniors is a subsidiary of Creative M Photography. It was born from the vision of Monika Labbé, a professional photographer since 2000. She worked for several years at a successful portrait studio in Mount Prospect, Illinois before launching her own business. Monika is a premier editorial & portrait photographer. Her photos have hung in galleries including the Louvre Museum in Paris, graced the covers of books and magazines (like the Chicago Bar Assoc) appeared on the Oprah website & newsletter, as well as in the Photo Life, among others. She is a proud member of the PPA (Professional Photography Association).